When The Teacher Visits || Faberry

Quinn was all kinds of stressed. She had a journal entry due that wasn’t even up to the standard that Ms. Berry probably wanted it. For starters, the entry from Thursday was empty because that was the day Quinn got beat by her ass-hole of a father. And she couldn’t move all that much without practically growling through the pain. Truth be told, she had completely bullshitted through those journal entries except for one of them. One of them was actually a poem she wrote. THAT was not bullshitted at all. 

When Ms.Berry reminded her that she was coming over, Quinn was in a black tank-top and shorts, her scars and marks for all to see. She decided she didn’t want the teacher asking questions when she came, so Quinn quickly pulled on some jeans and a loose band-tee. There were faint hand prints on her arms but she was hoping Ms.Berry would be more focused on school work than on her. 

The pink-haired girl grabbed her pack of cigarettes and walked outside to the front porch. She needed to unwind before the Glee Club coach came, so she lit one, took a long drag, and waited for Ms. Berry. 

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